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The Mighty Aquarian's Writing Nook

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The Yearning

Posted by [email protected] on December 16, 2017 at 3:20 PM

Slipping away in the back of my mind,

Are the memories of you and the love we once had

Far away have you gone in your secret journeys

And I am left to grieve and wait in the morning sun

Its warmth does nothing for my unrest soul

As I try to recapture some of the happiness of past times

Do nothing to comfort my slow drying heart

Say nothing to take away the bitterness and pain

Try nothing to make me smile in this life

Write nothing of the sentimental moments

Just wander back to my waiting arms


I feel you straying further away from me

Each day passes without signs of gentle compassion

All is lost in the grand old folds of time

To show no more emotion is to bare no more pain

Oh, how I suffer in this hazy twilight

Lonely is the one who's left with no one to hold


Do nothing to bring a joy into my life

Say nothing to calm the ragging ocean within

Try nothing to chase away my sorrows

Write nothing of a sacred emotion

Just return to kiss my yearning lips

January 1986

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